Rumored Buzz on Multifamily Telecom Consultant

Asset Essentials is a multifamily telecommunication consulting firm specializing in revenue maximization through leveraged contract negotiations and profit driving account management. Asset Essentials is made up of a team of management professionals that have substantial experience in multifamily asset management, telecommunications consulting, and MDU/commercial real estate. We know the FCC regulations, have strong relationships with all service providers and possess a deep understanding of both the national and regional telecommunication landscapes. By partnering with Asset Essentials, clients can expect value to be created through the brokering, negotiating & management of telecommunication agreements for multifamily assets, while providing comprehensive oversight and cost management resources. Asset Essentials provides a broad range of account management services unique to the MDU Telecom space enabling Asset Essentials to become the #1 broadband Multifamily Telecom Consultant MDU consultant. Our consulting expertise includes all forms of telecom and cellular contracts including bulk Wi-Fi contracts, multifamily marketing agreements for internet, cable, and telephone as well as cell tower and microcell.

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